In the sporting arena, what makes the difference between good and great is the kind of training that a player undergoes. We believe that a complete training program goes beyond just improving on-court skills – it should condition a player from the inside out. A careful regimen prepares players to look within, so when the chips are down they can reach deep down and produce true match-winning moments.

We also have special tie-ups with various tech organizations to help our players to identify weaknesses and maximise strengths. This helps us chart out individual training programs to the best possible effect.


So, how is our training program different? The keyword is planning. We have a detailed, meticulously designed program that caters to different players – based on skill, style of play and a host of other attributes.

While sufficient coaching will be provided for all students, the top players will be individually assessed for their strength and fitness, and monthly training programs will be developed based on their specific needs. Their progress is documented and monitored on a monthly basis and the programs are modified accordingly.


Working on the technical aspects of the game is important, but what gives a player the edge in a crunch situation is their mental conditioning. The attitude with which he or she approaches the game could be the deciding factor in the match. That’s why we believe in working on the values, beliefs, discipling, thoughts, words and feelings of each player.

Part of this process is following certain disciplinary guidelines to create the right habits, including meditation, prayer, and expressing gratitude, apart from mental skill development sessions through motivational talks and videos. We even bring on board successful personalities to share their own stories to inspire the students.


We have a team of coaches and experts to help the players stay in top physical form. This is achieved through a carefully planned program of exercises.

Since a lot of effort goes into the pre-planning of the training sessions,the coaches and trainers are able to focus more when it comes to the actual session thereby getting better result out of each session


A well-balanced diet is a must if an athlete has to operate in peak form. To that end, we have a dedicated nutritionist who will chart out a planned diet to keep the players in top condition.